Our Alumni have founded 754 business in 84 cities and 6 countries around the world.

Belmont students are some of the most creative and driven students in the world. That is why we see alumni from all majors starting and running successful businesses. The Cone Center recognizes their success, continues to support alumni post-graduation, and creates opportunities for alumni and current students to network.

Belmont Entrepreneur Awards

Top 100

The Belmont Entrepreneur Awards recognize alumni who have started innovative and unique businesses. The awards honor the founders who are excelling in business and challenging their industries. To commemorate the entrepreneurial spirit of Belmont University, 100 outstanding alumni businesses, including 10 rising businesses, are honored in our Top 100.

It’s officially time to nominate your favorite Belmont Entrepreneur for our 2024 Belmont Entrepreneur Awards.This award is open to all Belmont Entrepreneurs! Self-nominations are also allowed. Submit your nomination HERE.

Support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs, we know how crucial access to capital is in getting your business off the ground. With the Jeffrey R. Cornwall Legacy Launch Fund, alumni can directly support graduating seniors in their entrepreneurial efforts. 100% of funds are awarded directly Belmont Bruins for the purpose of scaling their businesses.

Give now and join us in this campaign to be a part of support the next generation of Bruin entrepreneurs!

Stay in touch.

If you’re a Belmont alum and have started your own business, please let us know. We’d love to connect with you.