The Eggebrechts & Consider the Wldflwrs

Written by: Jasmine Simmons

Emily and Ben Eggebrecht (‘13) are an alumni couple making strides in the entrepreneurial field. They own Consider the Wldflwrs, a fine jewelry store located a stone’s throw from campus in Edgehill Village. 

As Belmont students, Emily and Ben found a supportive community, encouraging faculty and each other. The two were interested in music and first met in the Chorale classical ensemble.  

“I feel like the Belmont community and energy has continued to thrive even after college,” Emily said. “More than anything, I like the like-minded atmosphere. At Belmont, there are lots of people that appreciate music but also find their passion somewhere else– which is the story for both my husband and me.” 

Emily, Religion and the Arts graduate, turned her passion for jewelry making into a business during her senior year and has been honing her craft since. Providing support and assistance from the start of the venture, Ben, Creative & Entertainment Industries alumnus, became involved in a more official capacity as co-owner once the couple married in 2016. 

Belmont Alumns Emily and Ben Eggebrecht are Co-Owner Consider the Wldflwrs near Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, September 14, 2023. Photo by Sam Simpkins

Over the last ten years, Consider the Wldflwrs has become a cherished local brand, capturing life’s most precious moments by producing timeless wearable pieces that will last for generations. 

“Jewelry is so personal,” Emily said. “It’s an artistic way of expressing your story and remembering milestones and some of life’s biggest moments. I love that the story behind the piece can be personal and meaningful.” 

From engagement rings and wedding bands to pieces that commemorate milestones or memorialize a loss, patrons can shop through handcrafted collections or create custom pieces that uniquely express life’s most precious and intimate moments.  

More than a retailer of fine jewelry, Consider the Wldflwrs is a one-stop shop for a range of jewelry services including restoration and repair. The full team – jewelers, salesclerks and designers– are all under one roof which allows the business to offer the full package of services with the consistency and hospitality that customers value.  

“Consistency and hospitality have always been important to us,” Emily said. “We want our clients to know that they can count on us to be open and know that we’re here to celebrate those little moments.” 

Although the store has moved several times over the years, being recognized as a Nashville brand has also been important to the business. “We have always been in a space that was where customers were,” Emily said. “We try to be close to the actual Nashville area.” 

Consider the Wldflwrs recently relocated to a location in Edgehill Village that brings up nostalgic memories for the Belmont alumni couple.  

Emily often remembers setting up a small jewelry counter during a talent showcase at what was once Edgehill Café when she and Ben were students. Today, the Edgehill storefront is the location of Consider the Wldflwrs, and Emily is back in the same building where she sold some of her very first pieces a decade ago.  

Visit Consider the Wldflwrs:
1201 Villa Place, Suite 100
Instagram: @considerthewldflwrs