Reflections from Praxis Academy by Hannah Ashton

This August, I had the pleasure of attending Praxis Academy in La Miranda, California. Praxis equips Christian entrepreneurs and individuals with mentorship, ideas, peer community, opportunity, and actionable vision. The basis for their framework is a term called “redemptive entrepreneurship.” This means going beyond the ethical path and truly sacrificing in your business/life for the good of all. The program I specifically attended is called Vocation. Praxis Vocation is for individuals at an inflection point in their careers who are looking to use entrepreneurial discernment in their decision-making. Not only did the program bring in high-quality lecturers such as Dave Evans from Designing Your Life, but there were a plethora of opportunities to connect with others in the program and discuss our ideas, dreams, goals, and opportunities. I particularly liked an exercise called Odyssey Life Planning/Life Prototyping where we brainstormed three different versions of our lives over the next five years. The brainstorm included career opportunities, personal goals, big projects, etc. We then explained the versions to our table mates and reflected on the pros and cons of each scenario. It was a brilliant exercise for someone trying to make a big life decision and wanting to see where each option would lead. Overall, the week consisted of dozens of exercises like this all with the redemptive framework in mind. 

Hannah Ashton graduated from Belmont in 2022 and is the founder of Dream Daily.